About us


All BMAA Member organisations agree to abide by the BMAA Code of Ethics.

The purpose of this Code is to ensure that all BMAA Members trade in a fair and reasonable manner. The Code sets the standards for relationships between Members, best practice with customers and the general public, business management practices, and compliance with relevant laws and standards.

We, the Members of the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia hereby agree to:

    any customer’s business as being of prime importance.
    the best possible service to the public.
    the highest possible standards in relation to all aspects of our business and fully comply with all relevant laws and requirements.
    the interests of the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia at local, State and National levels.
    and promote efficiency and standards at all levels within the Blind Manufacturers’ industry in order to provide professional and courteous service at all times.
    a high moral standard and proficiency in the industry and to disseminate knowledge.
    from knowingly associating with, or participating in, any enterprise which uses improper or unethical methods in conducting business.
    friendly co-operation between Members and maintain that we will be fair in our criticism of other Members and that we will not derogate the work or reputation of such Members.

Download the Code of Ethics PDF here.