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Member Benefits

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  • Membership Listing – All members are publicly listed on the BMAA website. The listing includes company and contact name, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, email and web addresses
  • Interstate Meetings – Held several times each year to enable members to attend and update their knowledge on important issues affecting the industry
  • Networking Events – Attend our meetings and lunches which offer a great opportunity to mix with other business owners and share ideas
  • Lobbying – The BMAA has been instrumental in helping to establish/modify regulations of governmental agencies, and continues to lobby on behalf of the industry on matters that will impact on manufacturers and suppliers
  • Free Compliance Advice – Members are provided with advice on Australian Consumer Law and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010
  • Use of the Member Logo – BMAA members receive window decals, produced annually, for display in showrooms and on vehicles. Members are able to use, free of charge, the BMAA logo on their website, brochures, letterhead and other marketing materials to denote that they are a member of a professional organisation. Membership Certificates are issued to all new members.
  • Recognition Program – To recognise Members who have held consecutive years of BMAA membership.  Eligible members are recognised once they attain specific anniversaries, i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.
  • Code of Ethics – Members are bound by the Code of Ethics, which helps reassure customers that they will be treated fairly and professionally
  • Industry Awards – The BMAA has several awards to promote recognition of excellence and innovation in the industry
  • Trade Exhibitions – Our Expos are a triennial exchange of information between manufacturers and suppliers of new techniques in fabrication, materials and technology
  • Active Committees – The BMAA has a number of active committees working in various areas, such as Safety and Blind Energy Rating
  • Keep Informed – Newsletters are produced several times a year to keep members up to date on important issues affecting the industry
  • Cord Safety – Members receive information on what they must do to comply with child safety requirements
  • Energy Rating – Access to proprietary Blind Energy Rating System (currently being developed)