About us

Strategic Plan (2024-2027)

Our members’ vision, feedback and consultation lead to the BMAA Strategic Plan 2024_27 which outlines on a page a renewed direction for the BMAA. Over this three-year period, the strategic plan will provide our staff, Board, volunteers and members with the focus and a pathway to explore new initiatives that benefit not only members, but also the wider industry.

This strategic plan is the roadmap to our:

Vision: To be the trusted authority in the window shading industry, where members, government, and consumers aspire to join and engage with us.

Mission: To foster a vibrant ecosystem within the Window shading industry in Australia by uniting Manufacturers, Retailers, and Suppliers in a collaborative network. We are committed to promoting professionalism, knowledge sharing, and ethical practices to enhance the quality of products and services offered to consumers. Through advocacy, education, and innovation, we strive to drive sustainable growth, create opportunities for business advancement, develop sustainable products and practices as well as contribute to the overall prosperity of our industry.