Energy savings


The BMAA seeks to adopt best-practice Corporate Social Responsibility. It encourages its members to adopt responsible and sustainable business practices that will ensure the prosperity of their businesses whilst minimising or eliminating negative environmental impacts and acting in accordance with social expectations.

The BMAA and its members aim to do so by:

1. being leaders in sustainable business practices and good governance

2. having a focus on the circular economy, environmental management, eco-efficiency, minimising business footprint and responsible sourcing

3. innovating and creating new business opportunities

4. becoming more efficient in operations by planning for maximum impact

5. building partnerships across sectors and with government and the community

6. developing a culture of shared and transparent accountability

7. building trust with all stakeholders

8. reducing risk by strengthening our reputation and looking after our people.

In driving Corporate Social Responsibility, the BMAA and its members recognise they can make a significant contribution driving sustainable practices in the following areas:

• Product Packaging

• Manufacturing Waste

• Product End of Life

• Energy

• Water