Join the Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA) and unlock the door to industry excellence! As a member, you gain access to cutting-edge resources, exclusive networking opportunities, and tailored support designed to elevate your business in the dynamic world of blind manufacturing, these include;

Directory Listing

As a BMAA member, your business details will be featured on our public online directory, showcasing your companies name, contact information, and digital contact points to potential clients and partners.

Industry Conferences

Participate in our regular interstate conferences to stay informed on pivotal developments and trends within the industry.

Networking Opportunities

Our events and luncheons are prime opportunities for members to connect, exchange ideas, and foster collaborative relationships.


BMAA actively influences regulatory frameworks, advocating for policies that support the growth and integrity of our industry.

Regulatory Guidance

Receive essential advice on compliance with Australian Consumer Law and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, ensuring your business operates with confidence.

Branding Perks

Members can enhance their professional image using the BMAA logo across marketing materials and receive window decals for additional brand visibility.

Membership Recognition

Celebrate your commitment to the industry with our recognition program, which honours long-standing members with prestigious acknowledgments at various milestones.

Ethical Standards

Our Code of Ethics guarantees that all members adhere to the highest standards of fairness and professionalism, providing assurance to your customers.

Industry Recognition

Stand out through our awards that celebrate exceptional innovation and excellence within the industry.

Expos and Trade Shows

Gain insights into the latest industry innovations and network with peers at our triennial trade exhibitions.

Committee Engagement

Get involved with BMAA’s active committees that address critical aspects of the industry such as safety, product energy ratings, and membership services.

Stay Updated

Our newsletters provide the latest industry news, ensuring you never miss important updates affecting your business.

Safety Compliance

Access vital information to ensure your products meet child safety standards, a crucial aspect of our industries integrity.

Energy Efficiency Resources

Utilise our WincovER energy rating database to inform customers about the energy efficiency of your window coverings and shades.

Exclusive Online Community

Join our industry-focused Facebook group for discussions, advice, and community support.

Become part of the most dynamic force in the industry—join us today.