Maximise your industry potential by selecting the BMAA membership category that aligns with your business needs and goals:

Manufacturing Member

If you are at the heart of creating blinds, awnings, and shutters, our Manufacturer Membership is your gateway to industry leadership and innovation.

Priced at $800 annually, with an added option of $150 for each retail outlet, up to a maximum of 10, ensuring manufacturers large and small can benefit from a tailored membership experience.

Fabric and/or Component Suppliers Member

Suppliers can connect with a vast network of industry players, access crucial market intelligence, and leverage advocacy on pressing industry matters. Membership fee of just $800 per year.

Importer Member

Importers can stay ahead of regulatory changes, benefit from collective bargaining, and network with suppliers and manufacturers. Membership fee of just $800 per year.

Retail Member

Retail members gain access to exclusive industry insights, and networking events that can help to significantly enhance customer reach and service quality. Membership fee of just $630 per year.

Service Provider Member

Service providers are given a platform to showcase their offerings, engage with industry-specific clients, and tap into a wealth of business development resources. Membership fee of just $630 per year.

Choose your path to industry excellence and join the BMAA network today.

Join the BMAA: Your Gateway to Excellence in Window Furnishings


To qualify as a member of the BMAA, businesses must be reputable manufacturers or component suppliers within the window furnishings industry, as recognised by the Association during a general meeting. Membership is predicated on the following criteria:

Legitimate Business Operations: Members must conduct their business from a location duly registered in line with Australian workplace legislation and maintain active taxpayer registration under Commonwealth law.

Accessibility: Business premises should be easily identifiable and accessible from the main street, meeting the Board of Directors’ standards.

Industry Expertise: Prospective members should demonstrate a minimum of two years of industry experience or employ staff with specialised training to guarantee high-quality craftsmanship.

Insurance: Members are required to hold Public Liability Insurance to ensure a safeguarded business environment.

Trade References: Applicants must furnish the Association with three credible trading references.

Application Process

Aspiring members are invited to submit a written application to the Association’s Secretary. The Board of Directors will consider the application, which may need to follow a specified format, and admission is contingent upon a unanimous Directors’ vote at a board meeting. Membership is granted upon the applicant’s agreement to the terms, payment of the annual fee, and any applicable entrance fee.

Commitment Upon Membership

By applying, candidates agree to:

Financial Responsibility: Timely settlement of all dues and assessments as stipulated by the Association.

Active Participation: Engage in meetings, support the Association’s activities, and collaborate on trade-wide initiatives.

Adherence to Standards: Abide by the Constitution and the Rules of the Association.

Membership Fees

Once approved by the Board, an invoice for the annual membership fee will be issued. The current rate stands at $800 or $630 depending on your category of membership (inclusive of GST) per company, with an additional $150 per retail outlet (capped at 10 outlets) for the 2023/2024 period.

Insurance Documentation

Applicants must also submit a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance as part of their application.

Elevate your business and align with the best in the industry—apply for BMAA membership today. If you would prefer to complete a PDF version of the application form please click the link below:
Application for Membership Form 2024


Eligibility: Must be an Australian window furnishings retailer with a registered workplace in Australia, a GST-registered taxpayer with an ABN, and at least 2 years of industry experience or trained staff.

Insurance Requirements: Must maintain Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance, with a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance provided.

Trade References: Require submission of 3 relevant trade references.

Voting Rights: Full voting rights are granted after one year of membership.

Board Membership: Eligible to join the Board after two years of membership, excluding positions of Presidency, Vice-Presidency, or Company Secretary.


Eligibility: For organisations providing mainly Australian-made products and services related to window furnishings production and/or marketing, whose core business is outside manufacturing or supplying fabrics/components to manufacturers.

Participation Rights: May attend and speak at general meetings, and eligible to sit on committees or sub-committees established by the Directors.

Restrictions: No voting rights; not eligible for nomination or appointment as a Director or any office position; cannot nominate individuals for directorship or office positions.

Membership Fees and Application Process:

Annual Contribution: $630 (including GST) per year.

Application Approval: Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Documentation: Applicants are required to submit a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance.

If you would prefer to complete a PDF version of the application form, please click the link below:

Application Form for Retailers, Service Providers 2024